What is aphasia?

Aphasia is an impairment of language affecting the ability to produce, understand, read and/or write. Aphasia can be caused by brain injury, but most often by stroke.

Why would a stroke affect your language?

Strokes (aka brain attacks) stop blood flow to the brain. When that occurs, access to that area of brain is damaged. In the left hemisphere of the brain, the language centers reside. A stroke stops the oxygen to the left temporal centers, resulting in aphasia.

Can a speech pathologist help someone with aphasia?

Yes! Whether the stroke was severe or mild, we have the tools to support you or your loved one. We diagnose the type of aphasia, work with your doctor, and come up with the best treatment plan to improve language skills.

Want to learn more?

Come join our stroke club! Or check out the National Aphasia Association

Individuals may experience different deficits based on the location of the stroke. Not everyone who has a stroke has aphasia. Here is an overview of areas that can be affected, based on where the stroke occurs in your brain.