On Thursday, June 15th from 7:00 to 8:00 pm there will be a free presentation by Melody Sheldon, MA Speech Pathologist on “Auditory Integration Therapy” in the conference room at Southwest Rehabilitation at 2085 Inland Drive in North Bend, Oregon.


Melody Sheldon will be discussing the common problems associated with listening impairments and how to enhance auditory processing, language, learning, sensory processing and socialization.


“There is a difference between hearing and listening,” says Sheldon. “Hearing is the perception of sound and listening is making sense of what you hear.” According to Sheldon, some children have difficulty with processing information through the auditory channel, especially those with a history of ear infections, the autistic population, and children with learning disabilities. Learn about Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT), how it words, who it helps, and the requirements necessary to participate in the program.


For more information about Auditory Integration Therapy, plan to attend this free evening discussion, which is open to the public. Call 541 267-5221 or email swr.office@yahoo.com. You can also visit our website swr.southwestrehabilitation.com