Summer break is almost here! For many students who receive speech/language services, the break from school also means a break in treatment. Summer speech therapy may be just what a child needs to help build upon and carryover their skills when school is not in session. During summer break, parents can help their children maintain communication skills learned during the school year. Sessions are one-on-one with a certified speech pathologist and helps promote generalization to different therapists/environments and maintenance of skills and strategies learned in school-based speech therapy. Each session is individualized and targets goals specific to the child’s needs. A variety of structured programs combined with auditory and visual processing and sensory integration are used to promote learning. Parent involvement is key to our process, whether watching through the one-way mirror or participating in sessions ensures follow through with homework and carryover of skills. Cooperation with the school system and other providers (CDRC, OHSU, HeadStart, preschools, daycare, etc.) creates a cohesive approach to rehabilitation. Sessions are year round, avoiding delays in treatment during the summer months and holidays. The speech pathologist can provide parents/caregivers with goals to work on, strategies for maintaining specific skills, and materials to practice with, such as word lists or worksheets.