Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), also known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), is a complex problem affecting approximately 5% of school-aged children. Children with Auditory Processing Disorder have difficulty processing the information they hear in the same way as others because their ears and brain don’t fully coordinate. Children with auditory processing difficulty typically have normal hearing and intelligence. Children with APD often do not recognize subtle differences between sounds in words, even when the sounds are loud and clear enough to be heard. They may also have difficulty paying attention and remembering information presented verbally, trouble following multiple-step directions, need more time to process information, difficulty with reading, spelling, comprehension, and/or vocabulary. Difficulty with these skills often affects a child’s academic performance.

At Southwest Rehabilitation we offer Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT). This summer we will be holding two sessions of AIT from July 9th-20th and July 23rd-3rd. If you have or know a child with any of the above mentioned symptoms, contact our office at 541-267-5221 to learn more about AIT!