Pragmatic Language Disorders/Autism

Think of pragmatics as using words to “get what you want.” Some children (particularly the autistic population) have a hard time verbally manipulating others, in a nice way, to get what they want. There are rules for using our words. Children with a pragmatic language disorder need help with learning the rules.

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Auditory Processing

Auditory Processing is making sense of what you hear. Sometimes children don’t know how to listen or can only pay attention for short periods of time. Our therapists, in conjunction with audiology, can test your child’s listening skills and then come up with a treatment plan to improve the “processing” of auditory information.

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Articulation/Phonology Therapy focuses on teaching the tongue, lips and jaw to move in a precise fashion when making speech sounds. Sometimes children substitute, omit, and/or distort sounds. This can make their speech difficult to understand.

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